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A collection of photos of carvings and hunting scenes

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Part of the rig owned by Ned Brown

2005 Canada Goose

Preening White-fronted Goose 1989 carved from a single block


Rob, and Rose, with Peja at Burroughs Ranch, 2005


Decorative Lifesize Kingfisher 1990


Full-Bodied Mallard Pair, Hollow Redwood

Mallard Pair in  use at near the Salton Sea

Rig of E.R.Sieminski


Canada and White-fronted Goose Carved for Gray Hills

Photo taken in front of the "Ark" near Colusa


2003 Best-In-Show Sacramento

Field Decoys (hen turkey), and Traditional Hunting Decoys (ringnecks)

(Hunting rig of E. Richard Sieminski)

Cackling Canada Goose Decorative (ca. 1989)
"Dottie" in Alberta with silhouettes made in 1992


Shorebird Decoys 1991

Decorative Lifesize Mourning Doves 1992

White-Fronted Goose Decoy 1993

"Bluebird" hunting day in the Rice with Peja

Painting contest (winner) at PFDA Sacramento


2 hours worth of painting at PFDA Sacramento



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